Monday, 8 February 2010

Senegalese food in Genova?

Yup it's true. There amidst the pesto and foccaccia, right by the port is a Senegalese restaurant. Our hero Pap from L'Orchestra di Piazza Vittoria (well from Senegal originally) took the orchestra out to eat there. It's pretty cool - he has this philosophy that all Senegalese are his brothers so wherever we're touring he seeks out a restaurant and goes there to check in with his community. (There are several reasons why the English people don't do this but that is a whole other blog entry, my friends.) The night we went there, Thiof was on the menu. Thiof is a long fish similar to cod - let's face it, which white fish that comes from the Atlantic is not similar to cod? It's quite delicious and the Senegalese girls also like to call a good-looking guy a "thiof" - the shape of the fish is key to understand fully the joke.
Anyway, we ate like princes and princesses and paid 4 euros each for the priviledge. It's a bit shockinginagoodway to eat that well for so little in Italy. So if you're ever around here and get sick of Italian food - which can happen if you're not used to eating pasta at least once a day - try some Senegalese food. Yum.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Following Mary Poppins who...

never explains anything. I wish I was that cool.
So far, I,ve been in a different city every Sunday of 2010. I,m currently in Paris where it,s snowing and I can,t find the apostrophe key on the french keyboard so I,m using commas instead, sigh. Such is life.
I just finished 3 nights of "The Magic Flute" with L,Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio. How lovely are French audiences and French hospitality? Very. To begin with, stuff here always works. Perhaps from my experiences traveling in wierd places (and living in Italy hem hem), I have learned not to expect that things work the way they promise to on paper, but here in France it,s all tickety boo (except for the apostrophe key which is undoubtedly my fault not theirs given the track records of both parties). The organisation is staggeringly thoughful and in conclusion Lyon et Paris rock... where,s the exclamation key? Oh well... it,s time to go, before I feel more silly than I already do.
I,m going to write a small post about places I stayed in Brazil because I think it might be useful to fellow pilgrims this week - when I get on an English keyboard. ´´ I just found it ´´´´ - 200 words too late. Still no exclamation point though... darn ´