Sunday, 14 March 2010

I wished I was a tourist today

Today for the first time, I actually felt envious of the tourists. Usually I pity them: lost faces, noses in maps, stumbling over each other among the ruins and being overcharged for their ice-creams and cappucinos - there's so little Italian "soul" in the Rome that they roam because it's all tourists just like them . Rivers of them streaming down the streets and flooding the ancient monuments. Tourists out-number even the pigeons, and they're pretty similar when you think about it.
But today I realised this little something: it must be so lovely to be ignorant of the difficulties of life in Italy. To come here and appreciate all the art, nature, wine, ruins, food and music and then to go home. To not have to worry about the politics and economics of the situation must be bliss. I really hope Rome does not become a city where the best possible scenario is to be a tourist, innocent and blissfully breathing in the past without knowing the present at all.
But something lovely did happen while I was wondering around feeling sort of blue Sundayish -
I was walking with my head down because I was thinking and I noticed at a certain point that I was walking next to a knee-high wall that stretched on for a whole block. On the wall, every few feet, an artist had placed a work of art with a title inviting the casual passerby to enjoy his/her work. The artist had even written little comments and titles on the displays. Right in the middle of the wall was a notice in Italian and English which read : "Saying that the city of Rome is nothing more than an open air museum is not good enough : it lives because we are here".
Every now and then, when you feel like shit, the universe doesn't mess around and give you veiled signs which you have to interpret - and for this, I am extremely glad.


  1. Hi Sylvie! I'm so glad that you have a blog. I saw you play in Vancouver, Canada a couple of years ago with Sondre Lerche and fell in love with your music right away.

    Back then I already knew I wanted to live in Italy too (I have relatives there and want to be able to speak Italian and perhaps - the big dream - study opera), but I've been working to save up money. Waiting around is the hardest part - just remember how much you wanted to live in Rome and how lucky you are to be doing something you love. I look forward to reading your blog!

  2. Congratulations on starting a blog!!! They are time consuming, but fun. I can see why you are a good song definitely have a way with words. My husband and I first saw you at the Bluebird Cafe and then a second time in NYC,some small place downtown where you were appearing with the Weepies. We would like to see you again, so I check every once in a while to see if I can find out where you are performing.

    I have been to Rome and felt like a tourist there. It was crowded and confusing, but I still enjoy any place where I can sit and people watch. I also do small paintings every place I go, so I'm even more content to sit and look. I had to laugh when I read your blog post from France. I couldn't find the question mark on their keyboard and something else necessary to type...funny!

    I will visit again to see what you are blogging. Enjoy yourself!

  3. Good day Sylvie,
    You really do have a relaxed, almost intimate style of writing, (as in your songs),and your way with words makes for a very interesting read.
    Looking forward to news of your new album, perhaps you will get a gig in England sometime soon.